The Graying Of I.T. And What To Do About It


Some think of them as a dying breed; others refer to the phenomenon as the graying of I.T. Whatever you call it, the departure of highly skilled personnel occurring in enterprise data centers is accelerating at an ever faster pace. The great minds that envisioned and built the systems on which companies execute ERP tasks, mine customer data, store critical information and maintain server networks are leaving the workforce. We’re not talking about the retirement of Steve Ballmer or Larry Ellison. We mean your CIO and his right-hand MIS team who have been with your company for years, some even for decades.


These managers and administrators are well versed in what they do and the systems they support. They have lived through countless upgrades and crashes and can tell many tales about the early days. They know why the system works the way it does, its quirks and in/compatibilities. Some may have even birthed your data center. And when they’re gone they take all that knowledge with them. Many leave behind a next generation of system operators – people who know how to use the network, but not maintain or upgrade it.


Does your business have an I.T. succession plan? As more and more companies turn to cloud-based data management and storage networks, offer web-based financial transactions, and/or engage in new business activities, it is critical they develop and invest in the human capital necessary to maintain these powerful information systems.


For some companies this may be beyond their control or out of reach. Perhaps the departure was sudden or replacement talent is too expensive. Has the database grown large enough that it can no longer be effectively managed by in-house resources? How can you quickly add capacity without a huge server farm investment? This time is now to start analyzing alternatives. Whether that is solidifying an internal I.T. succession plan or lining up professional outsourcing resources in the event of a sudden transition, it is imperative to be prepared.


AliComp has been providing IT support to its clients for over 27 years. Our highly trained and experienced teams of IT specialists provide state-of-the-art planning, maintenance and support across a wide range of services including:



  • Network design, installation and maintenance
  • Mainframe Outsourcing (including legacy systems)
  • Government Outsourcing
  • Hospital Data Center Consulting
  • Colocation and Internet hosting
  • Remote Computing
  • Systems Programming and Support
  • Open Systems
  • Disaster Recovery

All of AliComp’s services are highly scalable. Whether you are a small to medium enterprise or a well-established company operating on a global scale, AliComp is able to provide specialized IT services that cater to the specific needs of your business.

Unlike most of our competitors, AliComp has a Hi-Tech needs Hi-Touch management philosophy that allows our clients to feel like this is THEIR data center. We have a 100% retention record and treat all our clients as though they were our one and only. With an industry-leading mainframe outsourcing provider, your business can gain access to skilled advisers and business partners committed to your success. Instead of trying to manage a system yourself, you can rely on decades of lessons learned and leaders in best practices.

With almost thirty years of experience, AliComp is an industry leader in mainframe outsourcing, IT outsourcing and managed services. Since 1987, AliComp has helped hundreds of companies save costs and increase the quality of the services. All combined under one roof, our working environment is one of mutual respect, continuing education and constant sharing of information vital to business.

AliComp competitive distinctions include:

Strong financial status.

Customized Agreements

Nationwide + Canada Provider

Unparalleled Service

Hi-Tech needs Hi-Touch Management Philosophy

Best of Breed Staff with Decades of Experience

High Quality On Shore Data Centers and Help Desk

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